Lord of Darkness

Lord of Darkness - Elizabeth Hoyt When This first came out, I hesitated in the beginning to read Lord of Darkness. I had heard some positive and a few negative things. In the past I have enjoyed this series, quite a bit. So I was feeling a bit apprehensive but no worries once I got into the story, with no problem. I enjoyed seeing how this story started off though. As the fifth in the Maiden Lane Series, it does continue on with the "Ghost of St Giles", but I liked how it played out in the end and I have to say I can hardly wait for the next in the series.

It starts out when Margaret has decided to come to London to get familiar with her husband, whom she has only had a marriage of convenience with. She wants more than just living in the country side alone, she wants a child, and her plan is to Seduce her husband, she just has no way of going about it. But she has another motive for coming to London, find the man who murdered her love before she married Godric. Godric also once was married before and madly in love with his wife, until she died very slowly from a disease. He now is the "Ghost of St. Giles" which makes him feel more alive than he has ever felt since his wife's death. But when Margaret suddenly appears on his doorstep, rearranging his life, and turning his world Topsy turvy, he doesn't have a clue how to proceed. Godric is determined to keep his life separate from Margaret's, however he starts to feel again, and knows that she is the last person he wants to let go of.

I found Lord of Darkness a breathtakingly and emotional ride of passion and adventure. I have grown to like this Ghost of St. Giles, and its in this book, that we see the true history behind him. Or maybe I just wasn't paying that much attention in the previous book. However I found the story to be intense and at times too much I was at the edge of my seat in tension. I enjoyed seeing Godric and Margaret together. Both have suffered loss and grief, but it was interesting to see how the author put this couple together and made them come alive through the story. There was also such a beautiful sensuality to Lord of Darkness, that won me over from the start. A action packed filled historical romance that will take your breath away!! Guaranteed to make you fall in love. Another fabulous addition to a thrilling series.