Timestruck - Flora Speer Gina McCain is a computer analyst, and on a job fixing a computer, she is taken back through time to the eight century, and lands in the bed of the handsome, charming Lord Dominick.At first she can't believe what has happened, not only that she has to convince Dominick that she isn't out to get him. Lord Dominick, suspecting that this strange woman with strange clothing that he has never seen the likes before, is a spy. Dominick has a hard time to trust women, especially since his last wife was a spy in his own home for the Queen of France. Although King Charles, is a very dedicated and generous king to his people, Dominick is completely loyal to him, however he isn't loyal in any way to his wife the Queen, who despises him. So trying to find out what Gina's real purpose is on his land and in his bed, he endeavor's to be his charming self, to encourage her to trust him. Gina, desperately wants to get back to her own time, however from the moment she feels Dominick's passionate kiss and tender embraces, she feels herself hesitating in leaving his side. She has never trusted anyone, for many have betrayed, she has no family or friends. But she has found a man that she could trust her heart, mind and body with. Meanwhile, she needs to find a way within herself to trust him with her secret, the fact that she has traveled back in time. But will she be able to tell him the truth before its too late?

I truly enjoyed this one, I have just recently discovered Flora Speer, and have enjoyed her way of writing. It flows smoothly and she charms her way into her readers hearts through her tempting plots , and her characters are endearing, and had be turning the pages as fast as I could read them. Gina feeling alone in the world, is sent back in time, and finds the one man that can complete her fully. She is able to learn to trust and to go down the road of true enduring love. Dominick, after being betrayed by his past wife, finds it hard to trust any woman anymore, however Gina is different from any other one he has ever met. She fills a whole within him, and he realizes that their love is worth any risk. To say what this book was in one word is: Enchanting (through and through)