My Ruthless Prince

My Ruthless Prince - Gaelen Foley Emily Harper, has always loved Drake, ever since she was a little girl, even though their stations should have kept them apart, it only drew them together. Emily has always known of Drake's secret, being a spy and working for the government or also known as the "Inferno Club" When he is suspected of being a traitor, even to his brothers from the club, she knows only she still believes in him, and she must save him. So she travels on her own through Europe, to find him, and when she finds him...questions abound, and the situation she finds herself and Drake in will take them both working together and learning what it truly means to trust no matter the opposition, and even then it might not be enough......
My Ruthless Prince, is the fourth in the series, and the first book that I have read from the series. I have just loved Gaelen Foley, but for some reason I must be behind in the times or lost in a cave somewhere, but when I discovered these books at the library I knew I needed to read them...not even knowing which book is in order. However when I started reading My Ruthless Prince, I don't know I even got up once, I was so enthralled into the story...I mean the plot wasn't something I had never read at least the basics, however there was something that completely drew me into the story, the plot and the vivid portrayal of the characters. I think one of the things that kept me so involved into the book, was how there was surprise after surprise, things I would never suspect to happen, which definitely had me intrigued at the least. So if your in the mood for a good spy historical romance, I would recommend My Ruthless Prince and I am sure the rest of the books in the series so far....there is something almost magical about the way this author writes!!! You just won't be disappointed!