A Woman's Innocence

A Woman's Innocence - Gayle Callen Julia Reed through the help of Sam Sherryngton, secret agent who assisted her in getting her arrested for something she didn't do. But can't even convince the one man that has meant more to her than any other. So she is shocked to find that he rescues her, and she realizes how much he still cares for her, even though it wasn't her testimony that convinced him of her innocence. So now both of them are on the run, and decide to try to find the proof of her brother being the traitor, but framing his own sister for it. But with the danger surrounding them, there is a passion that flares between the two of them, but will they be able to give in to the love they feel for one another?
A Woman's Innocence is the third installment in the spy series written by Gayle Callen. I have just loved reading this series, its full of danger and intrigue and all the romance that you need. This story involves two people that up till now have never been able to pursue the feelings they both have for each other, but have never admitted it to each other. But now they are together and hiding, and have to learn to rely on each other, ant their love. This is a book that will intrigue you, and I found my self througout the whole of the book, flipping the pages as fast as I could read them, not getting enough, yet at the end fully satisfied by how it turned out. Such a enjoyable read!!! I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys historical romance, this is the book for you!!!