Nick - Genell Dellin Callie Sloane, alone and pregnant and kicked out by her father, she decides to fulfill her past love's dream and go the Cherokee Strip and set up a homestead there, despite all the hardship she knows she will face. But right when she is about to stake her claim, a handsome renegade comes insisting that she is on his claim. Nick half Cherokee but no one knows that he is indian, or he would never be able to have this land, that is very precious to him. So when he comes across a lone widow claiming his land, he forces her to claim another piece of land, but what he never expected was to be drawn to this fiery woman who takes his breath away, despite how he keeps saving her, and starts being her protector, and finds that she is a temptress who entices him more than any other woman has.Nick is the second installment in the Renegade series. This is a story about two people that have both been hurt when it comes to the matter of the heart. Although their pasts are very different, they both know pain, and need each other more than either of them fully realize. I found the plot to be strong and full of excitement. I really liked the characters in this book, they were very likable, and both so alike, they just fit perfectly. I did feel through most of the book like there was something missing from the story and from their relationship as well. There was definitely a sensuality about their relationship, and a tender love story, however especially toward the end, I felt like there should have been something more in it. However overall it was a an entertaining adventure, and I had a fun time reading Nick's story.