Darius: Lord of Pleasures

Darius: Lord of Pleasures - Grace Burrowes Grace Burrowes is one of my favorite authors to read. After reading some of the Wyndham series, she was bumped up to the top of my list. In the past, her stories have been emotionally driven stories with powerful characters. Darius is the first in this series, and by reading the synopsis I was beyond intrigued. Darius is definitely a bit different than Burrowes other stories. As I first started reading Darius, I wasn't sure how much I would end up liking it. How Darius and Vivian meet and get together isn't the exact situation I am normally comfortable with. However as I continued to read through it, I found I was captivated by this sweet story that ended up putting my emotions through the ringer.

Darius, finds himself being put in a bad situation. Penniless and desperate to protect his sister, decides to offer himself up in return for money. Each and every time he gives his body, he can barely live with himself, but he does what is necessary in order to survive. Then one day a titled lord approaches him with a offer with a huge amount of funds in exchange for get his wife pregnant, to secure her future. Vivian loves her husband, but not in a way of passion or romantic love. She was a friend of his first wife, and agreed to marry him when she had no one to turn to. Now he has persuaded her that since he is older and unable to give her a child, that she will need one after he has died. In the beginning Vivian refuses to do so, but knows it is her only option. When she goes to their country estate and meets Darius, she finds herself captivated by his touch. She has never felt passion until now, and now that she has found a man that she could come to deeply care for, she will have to let him go and act as if they are mere acquaintances. When she does find that she is pregnant with Darius's child, she doesn't know if she can let him go. Will Darius and Vivian be able to find their happy ending?

Overall I found Darius to be a astounding read and a great beginning to the Lonely Lords series. I found this story enriching and deeply provoking. I loved seeing Darius and Vivian and seeing how their relationship turns out. It definitely wasn't what I was expecting. I loved Darius from the beginning despite his being a man ho of sorts. But I loved how protective he was of Vivian. There was such a tender connection between these two that I admired from the start. The intimacy that grows between them was endearing and I couldn't help but fall in love with these two. Even Vivian's husband I admired as well, such a sweet caring that you are bound to love as much as I did. A intoxicating read full of a complex plot, lively characters and a story that will break your heart!! A KEEPER TO PUT ON THE SHELF!!!