A Howl for a Highlander

A Howl for a Highlander - Terry Spear Duncan Macneill has come to the Island to find the man who stole his people's fortune, bring the man to justice and return home. Duncan doesn't want to let anything get in way of his goal...until he meets an American she wolf who tempts him with pleasure. Duncan can't seem to resist her beauty or enchanting personality that ties him up in knots. Shelley, is a professor and has come to the island to do some research on the forests and the plants there. When she runs into Duncan, a sexy highlander and a tempting wolf, she knows she is in trouble. Her family has despised highlanders since centuries ago they were kicked off their land, and now reside in Texas. When circumstances force her to become roommate with Duncan, she knows she won't be able to resist him for long. As Shelley pursues a intimate relationship, she finds herself wanting more than just a casual relationship, she wants Duncan for life as her mate. But when danger comes lurking about, and threatens them both, it will take Duncan and Shelley working together to defeat the enemy that is trying to wipe them out.When I first started this series, I just fell madly in love with it. There is just something so irresistable about wolf shifters plus add sizzling romance, and you will have me hooked for life. I always know that when I pick up Terry Spear that I will just love her stories from the first moment. As I have read more and more books from this series, I have just come to see that the books just keep getting better and better.

And anyone who knows me, and well, knows that when you mix sexy highlanders with wolf shifters----you know I won't be able to resist reading it for anything. So when I saw this book on the library shelf, which is only a couple months old, I snatched it up before anyone else could. LOL The story picks up within the first few pages of Duncan and Shelley seeing each other at the airport for the first time on the island. Then Duncan being the highland wolf that he is who can't resist a beautiful face, is intrigued by Shelley and he can't seem to resist her. Even though throughout the story we see Duncan's determination to return the money that belongs to his clan, he also doesn't want to give Shelley up. I found their romance to flow pretty easily, and it wasn't too quick or too slow, it felt perfectly right. There were quite a few of some fun scenes in the water, where I WISH I could have traded places with Shelley in a heartbeat. There was also a medium sized conflict that turns into a bigger one, but I felt like it maintained a balance with the rest of the story. There was also such a steamy chemistry between Shelley and Duncan. Such an intriguing plot that was formed, and I felt like it was a easy to get into it, and didn't have any major con's that would keep me from reading and enjoying it.

For sure to put this on the Keeper Shelf!!! I can't wait for the next one in the series, and I do hope this author does the other brothers too--they are just too yummy not to!! :) UTTERLY SATISFYING!!