A Summer Smile

A Summer Smile  - Iris Johansen, Traci Svendsgaard Zila Dubala has experienced a troubled young life, but has been able to heal over time. Then she is kidnapped by a terrorist group, but Zila is confident that she can handle just about anything that will come her way. Zila knows that she must find a way to escape before its too late, however she never expected that Daniel Seifert would be coming to her rescue. When Daniel hears of the plan to rescue a Zila Dubala, he is more than eager, in want for adventure and danger, and this certainly covers all aspects. After being stuck in a office for some time, he knows he needs to get out into action. When he rescues the beautiful Zila, he discovers a desire to claim her for his own. However as they are on the run from the terrorists, they both discover a heated passion that flares up between them, as well as a tender love as they learn to trust in one another and learn the healing power of true love that can heal the deepest of scars.

This was such a exhilirating read!!! I also listened to this one, instead of reading it. I just love the way the narrator, Traci Svensgaard, portrays the story out to the listener. This narrator does all of the Iris Johansen Audio Books that I have listened to so far, and she is amazing, and I would recommend her to everyone that enjoys listening to Audio Books. I think what I enjoyed the most about this book, was how intense their relationship develops, and not only on the sexual attraction, but the emotional relationship between Zila and Daniel. It does have a emotional effect on the reader. The plot is a exciting one as well, with the suspense of Zila and Daniel on the run from Terrorists, it has a certain thrilling aspect to the story, that only adds spice to it. The only aspect of the story I didn't like was that there is a secret that Zila keeps from Daniel, and I just felt that she kept it from him far too long, and I personally thought she should have told him much sooner than she did. However despite that, this was a wonderful romance, a classic tale of adventure and passion!