Ripe for Pleasure

Ripe for Pleasure - Isobel Carr So This is the first time in a very long time since I had such a hard time reading a book, especially with such a gorgeous cover and great blurb that just caught my attention. However this review will be shorter than most because I was unable to finish it. At the first few pages it caught me but after that it just went downhill after that...I got halfway through which took me a whole week to do since it just didn't get to me....I was unable to get into the story no matter how hard I tried. I always try to finish a book if I can, however with this one it was a chore to read it....and when it becomes hard to read a book and if I give it a chance (100 pages or more) than I will just put it down...since there are always more books I want to get to as well. I feel bad that I was unable to finish this one...maybe one day I will try reading it again...who knows. But for me I just was unable to get involved into the story (which is a rare occasion its true) and I really though I would love this story after reading the synopsis...but unfortunately that was untrue...maybe one day in the future..................