Lover Revealed

Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward Butch O Neal is a ex cop and the only mortal a part of the Brotherhood circle. Butch after certain events being brought into the Black Dagger Brotherhood, fell in love with a woman, who has held his heart ever since he met her. Now not having her in his life, he still feels the loss. Then when he leasts expects he he gets kindapped by some lessers and by the Omega. After the Omega opens him up and puts a part of himself into Butch, Butch knew he would never be the same ever again. He is then found by his friends of the Brotherhood, and taken to a doctor, since it is obvious to all that he has been changed. And there is only one person that can truly help him now....his lost love Marissa where only her love will save him, and take them on a journey that will change both of their lives for all time.

This is one of my favorites of this series so far, from the first pages, I was entranced. I have always wanted to read Butch's story, and now that I have, I am so glad that I did read his story. I loved this story where Butch finds a inner strength within himself that he never expected was there. Where the only one that truly saved him was Marissa, whom he has loved truly. Marissa is a vampire and has always feared hurting Butch. But when she is summoned to his side, she realizes how much Butch means to her. As their reconnect with one another, they will discover that their love is enough to give them strength to last all the struggles they will face as long as they face them together. This was a truly intense but emotional love story, that is a real treat to read.