Loving the Highlander

Loving the Highlander - Janet Chapman Sadie Quill, is patroling the land in Maine, for a park to be built, but she stumbles across a naked and virile highlander, Morgan MacKeage. After the encounter she is scared to death, and can't stop thinking about him, thinking him even though sexy as sin, is crazy and maybe not at all right in his head....Morgan when finding that Sadie is the one that will be wanting to put this beautiful forest and all its secret as part of a park, he wants to scare her off the land so she will never return but he never planned on her stubborness, or the intense desire he feels for her when he touches her, and wants to claim her as his own.
Loving The Highlander is the second in the Highlander series, and I have just loved this series so far. I really Enjoyed this one as well, I think I enjoyed the first one a bit more, but this one was just as exciting and fun and full of witty repatore that could make you laugh over and over. I also loved the idea of the heroine, being not with perfect skin or a perfect body, that there were still some conflict between Sadie and Morgan, but it showed that love can truly overcome anything, and we see the hurdles they past together, and it was a truly magical read. I loved seeing the adventure, passion, fast paced action and the fun romance in Loving The Highlander! A Entertaining read!