Courting Carolina

Courting Carolina - Janet Chapman When Alec rescues a stranger from two brutes, he has no idea who she really is, since she claims to be a Jane Smith, which is obviously not her real name. When he takes her to his camp to recover he reluctantly agrees to keep her for a few days. Carolina (aka Jane) has just escaped from her kidnappers with the help of Alec. For two years Carolina has managed to live a free life, free from her over bearing father, in hopes of finding true love, but has yet to find it. Then she comes across Alec Mackeage who treats her like a normal person. In all of her life, she has been treated like a priceless object, but for the first time in her life she is treated as if she really matters. As a few days turn into a week, she starts to have some deep feelings for Alec, but also knows that they may never have a future together. As her father is the king and leader of Atlantis, she knows she can never have what she truly be normal and to have a chance at a normal life, with a man she loves at her side.Courting Carolina is the third in the series, which is Carolina's story. After seeing her in the past two books, I was very much looking forward to reading her story. It starts off with a very exciting scene, that only entices the reader for more. I really enjoyed this story, probably more than the last one. It didn't have as much magic in this one as the other did though, so I would consider it more under the contemporary style. Although there is a fun dose of magic to liven things up. I really liked Alec, he is the certain type of hero you want to hold close to your heart. Alec has gone through a hard time, and doesn't believe in love in the beginning. But I just loved seeing how he fought for Carolina, in very creative ways too. I think I was just cheering him on for trying to prove himself. Carolina has always been sheltered, at times too much, and wants freedom. And I loved how she fought to stay at Alec's side and show how strong she really was. I loved the charm, the witty humor, and the tender romance that blossoms, it seemed to me to be a exciting yet magical love story that will bring a tear to your eye! If you haven't yet read this author, you are missing out on some amazing works!!!