For the Love of Magic

For the Love of Magic - Janet Chapman For the Love of Magic is the fifth in Chapman's most recent series, and is tied with Mac's story. For the love of magic, is about Mac and Carolina's parents, Titus and Rana. When I first started reading this series, I fell in love with this family from the beginning, especially Titus and Rana. Such a unique couple. Having been married for forty years, their marriage has had their ups and downs, but their love has never faltered. Until one day Rana tells Titus she needs some space and buys herself a shack of a cabin. Titus has no idea what to think of his wife, in his mind he thought they were doing great, and with all of his power and ability never saw this coming. So not having a clue as to what is wrong, is determined to make things right, so he begins to court her. Rana has her own personal reasons for leaving Titus but her love for him has never faltered. Admidst the turmoil of their courting a new danger of demons that are after Titus may threaten everything they have built.

I found this story to be charming and witty and wickedly fun. Not too much sensuality in this story, but I found that to be a plus in this story. I felt like it was a sweet and story about a couple that have been married and in love for quite some time, and the reader gets a chance to see more of this couple than you have in the previous books. I really enjoyed getting to see how these two met, and seeing a bit of their past. It was also fun to see some Mackeages and of course Mac, Caroline (Jane), and Nicholas. I found that I was a bit confused on a couple of things, but after reading it all I think it was meant to be that way, keep you on your toes. Definitely has the same zest and passion and witty repatoire that you come to love with this author. In love with every moment, and could hardly put it down.