Destined for an Early Grave

Destined for an Early Grave - Jeaniene Frost It has been six exciting years since Cat met her husband Bones, and they have journeyed on one adventure after another, never a dull moment. When Cat starts have horrible dreams of a man she doesn't recognize in real life, but is able to trap her in her sleeping state, she and Bones investigate. They learn that Gregor knew Cat when she was 16 years old, and that her memory was wiped and has no recollection of him at all, even though he claims she is his wife and not Bones. When Cat finds out that Gregor has the ability to steal her away in her dreams, she knows things are about to get ugly. Even though she is as curious as a cat about her loss memory, she also doesn't want to risk losing the one man she loves with a desperation. Even though Bones is protecting her, Cat knows that it will be up to her to find Gregor's weak link and use it against him, even if that means risking her own life to do it. It will mean using everything Bone's has ever taught her and more...
As the fourth in the series, I think I am falling in love all over again with Cat and Bones. This is probably one of my favorites, I really like how the relationship between Cat and Bones escalates even further. There is also a few conflicts that test Cat and Bones even more than the last few books. To say it was emotionally provoking is a understatement. We could see that even though Cat and Bones love each other deeply, doesn't mean they aren't going to have issues like any other married couple right? that marriage is pure bliss? well in this book, we see how challenges and circumstances can test you but also make one stronger. Cat and Bones are challenged in ways they haven't before, that affects their relationship but I do love a intense conflict, definitely tested my emotions, that's for sure. I found this story to be full of one exciting thrill after another. It could be very intense at times, and I was laughing at one moment, and then crying the next. It had the sense of being on a roller coaster ride, ups and downs with a sensual twist to get your heart rate up! A outstanding addition to a marvelous series. I am so addicted to this series, or anything really written by this author. Her style is so enthralling and keeps the reader on the edge. FANTASTIC!!