Twice Tempted

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost Ever since Leila has felt her psychic abilities weaken, she has felt that Vlad has been slowly withdrawing from her. She senses a distance between themselves that just keeps widening. When it becomes obviously apparent that she will never have his love, or he will never be willing to give it to her, when she loves him with a desperation. She knows that she must do the only thing left available to her...leave him for good. Leila never imagined how hard it would be to actually leave him, but when she returns to her old friend Marty and the carnival, she never thought it would be so hard to stay away from him. When there is a explosion, and she is the only survivor, she knows that there is someone that her life is in mortal danger. At first she doesn't know who to trust, but she turns to the one person who she feels she can trust, until circumstances change, and she finds herself with Vlad once more. Vlad is devastated when Leila leaves him, he feels rejected, but when he finds her back in his life, he can't bear to leat her ever leave him again. There is a danger lurking, that he is unable to pin point, and only fully trusting and working with Leila, will they be able to come down to the bottom of the danger that threatens her...because he knows he does love her fiercely and will do everything in his power to protect her no matter the cost.How can I say how much I LOVED Twice Tempted. I have been anxiously waiting for this book ever since I read Once Burned. Vlad and Leila are just explosive together. I adored both characters, there were so many unique qualities about them both, that just made them perfect for each other. We see how desperately they really need each other. Vlad is just HOT and sexy beyond imagination....very *drool worthy* if I say so myself. He is so ALPHA, and has a commanding presence, and he loves control, and hates disobedience. So of course he would be drawn to Leila who would defy him right? Leila is a very strong willed woman, but not overly strong. She doesn't start out as a fighter, she she does have a more gently side but she can be a fierce fighter when the need arises. I loved how she strives to be There was a variety of intense emotions that are displayed throughout the whole story, so vividly portrayed in such a way that is unique to the author and her writing. I also loved seeing Vlad and Leila grow stronger together in their relationship. I have to say though, one of the many things I like about this authors books, is that she always surprises me when I least expect it. There were certain things that occur in this book, where my eyes popped wide open in surprise, never expecting certain things to happen. So it was a delight to be surprised and be taken on such a exciting ride of passion, danger and intrigue. I found Twice Tempted to be a intense story that charmed me with every page. A must read for anyone that enjoys a thrilling romance that will knock your socks off!! Top of my list of favorites!! FANTASTIC!!