Hard Mated

Hard Mated -  Jennifer Ashley As this is a short novel in the Shifter Bound series, I though I would do a shorter review for it....Ever since the series started I have been wanting Spike's story, and when I noticed that he was the hero, I was thrilled to say the least. He always made me laugh, and he had spunk, and I really liked that.It starts out with him in a fight with another shifter bear, where he meets Myka who comes to him with a shocking announcement, one that would change him, that he has a cub, a little boy, and this the mother was dying. Thrust into fatherhood pretty quickly, he finds himself overwhelmed but overjoyed as well to have a child. However Myka isn't just going to lie down and let him take over without knowing if Jordan would be safe with Spike. But before she knows it, sparks fly between them and a passion explodes, and Myka realizes she is falling in love with a shifter when she least expected it to. I found Hard Mated to be a fun and enchanting story, with the usual spark that is always in Ashley's novels, and I am growing to love this series even more, since each book just gets better. I have loved her historicals, but I have a weakness for shifter novels, and I think this series is at the top of my list. From the first moment I picked it up I was enthralled, and couldn't put it down!!! A KEEPER!!!!