Secrets of an Accidental Duchess

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess - Jennifer Haymore After living a life of being sick and being coddled way too much, Olivia has come to England to live a peaceful and contented life with her sisters. Olivia knows that her chances of finding a husband who would accept her history of bad health, is very rare. So she doesn't even expect to find a husband in London. When her family goes to their estate in the countryside, she does there to relax and spend some quality time with her family. But then she meets Max, who awakens her independent nature and and sensual desires. Max, when seeing Olivia in a crowded ballroom in London, was captivated, and wanted only to know her more. Then he makes a foolhardy wager, to see who can seduce her the fastest. Only Max never thought that he would end up falling in love with her, and when his recklessness comes to kick him in the butt, he endeavors to protect Olivia at all costs...
Secrets of an Accidental Duchess is the second in the series, and I just LOVED this one!!! I think I read this in two hours....which only happens when I am really into a book, so this one was a winner, and I am totally addicted to this author. I just have loved every story I have read by her so far. There are different things that I really enjoyed about this story. Max is one of those hero's that you just fall for instantly. Even though he makes that ridiculous wager, you can see how much he starts to really care for Olivia. Olivia is just a ball of fun, she is sweet and innocent, but desires passion in her life. I just loved seeing Max and Olivia interact with each other, there was such a sense of playfulness, that really engages the reader. There was also lots of action and suspense portion to the plot, that really leaves one flipping the pages as fast as you can turn them. Overall a fun and suspenseful plot, complex characters, and a story that will capture your heart!! A Keeper For Your Shelf!