Confessions of an Improper Bride

Confessions of an Improper Bride - Jennifer Haymore Serena left England six years ago, after the man she fell in love with broke her heart. But on her voyage home to the West Indies, her sister, Meg, falls into the turbulent waves, lost. Now Serena six years later, has no choice but to return to England, to pose as her sister "Meg" and to marry someone she doesn't even love, and to live a life she knows she won't be fully happy with. However she has her mother and her sisters welfare to think about. When she reaches England, she comes face to face with the one man that hurt her, Jonathan, the Earl of Stratford. Now she is facing a big dilemma, she is engaged to Will, who has no idea of her real identity, and one she must keep secret from, and deal with all the emotions that come swirling back with Jonathan back in her life. Serena has no idea how she is suppose to pull it off, but will she make the right choice that could benefit all parties involved? Or choose a path that would only destroy her?Confessions Of An Improper Bride is the first book in the Donovan Sisters series. I have come to just love Jennifer Haymore's books. I just jumped right into this one, knowing that it was more than likely that I would enjoy it. I found that I truly enjoyed this one, there were so many aspects of the story that were fun and kept me engaged and involved in the story. I just loved how Haymore just reel's you in, and keeps you satisfied with this complex plot, and strong characters. Jonathan is a very deep character, at first you wonder if you will really like him, but I was so on his side all the way. You can see his dedication and love he has for Serena, and the way the author portrays the feelings felt by these characters are heart wrenching. I definitely felt like this story was a very sensual and engaging romantic tale!! A Lovely Story That Will Make You Fall In Love Again!!