When Passion Rules

When Passion Rules - Johanna Lindsey After reading Let Love Find You, I was pretty disappointed. Johanna Lindsey is one of the first authors I read from and loved when I first starting reading romance...especially historical romance. I have always enjoyed the majority of her books, especially her earlier ones and the Malory series. So I was a bit anxious when I got When Passion Rules from the library. Even though I just LOVED the cover I knew I might not love the story. It started out a bit slower than I expected, but once it picked up, it started to improve, and I was able to really get into this story, I did sigh in relief knowing that I would be able to enjoy her again.

Alana has grown up knowing that she would marry someday, but her education hasn't been of the normal kind that most young proper ladies receive. She has been tutored in all the art, but her father "Poppie" has trained her in the art of weapons, so she could defend herself if need be. Then it is revealed to her that she is a Princess from Lubinia, and she must return to her home country and reveal her true identity to the King. At first she doesn't believe what she is being told, but she knows that Poppie would never lie to her. So she heads to Lubinia, which is known to be a barbarian land. When she attempts to talk to the King, his head palace guard, detains her, puts her in a cell, and interrogates her. At first Alana is beyond frustrated, knowing her true identity, and has to somehow convince Christoph that she is telling the truth. Cristoph, as the captain of the palace guards is proud of his duty and is close to the King. When he discovers Alana, he knows that she is one of many imposter's and must ferret out her true intentions. He doesn't believe for one minute that she is the princess, but a sizzling passion erupts between them, and he can't deny his true feelings for her.

Christoph, appears to be the perfect barbarian type. Domineering, stubborn, pig headed and arrogant. But deep down, he is far from that...he does display some Alpha traits, but I found myself definitely liking him quite a bit. He was such a delicious hero, and won me over from beginning to end. Alana I enjoyed, but I didn't fall in love with her. I did like some of her attributes though, and how much she stands up to Christoph, but I thought she was a bit naive at times. But other than that, I enjoyed her strong willed personality. Their relationship is a tempest of emotions, most of the time they are fighting, which could be quite hilarious at times. The sparks are heated and as explosive as dynamite.

Overall I really liked this book, and I was surprised by how much I was able to get into it. It has been a while since I have loved Lindsey's stories. Even though it wouldn't top my favorite books of hers, it definitely has gone up the list of books I have really enjoyed. I found that the ever ending mystery, and the twists and turns that developed through the plot was quite stimulating and it was a fine jolly good story. I really enjoyed how it ends, and let me tell you when you think you know what is going to happen, it will turn you Topsy be are in for a boat load of surprises, exciting plot, and a sensual love story.