The Book of Scandal

The Book of Scandal - Julia London The Book of Scandal is the first in the Scandal series by Julia London. The only other book I have read from this author is "Ruthless Charmer" which was some time ago, and I lost track of this author. But after finding a review of this one on goodreads from a fellow friend, I decided to pick this one up at my local library. After reading the synopsis, I was very fascinated with the hero dragging his wife home to protect them from scandal. Definitely drew me in. The story begins with Nathan Grey, being informed of the huge scandal that is spreading like wildfire through London. When he is warned that his wife may be implicated, and if they are on the losing side, they are both in a world of hurt. So he rushes to London, not having seen his wife for three years, to take her home. At first she is very resistant and stubborn, so he practically dumps her in his carriage. Thus begins a wonderful tale of rebuilding past hurt and mistrusts, and learning to simply love again.

The Book of Scandal was a story that I magically fell in love with from the start. This tale is the epitome of everything I adore about romance novels, especially historical ones. I had forgotten the talent of storytelling by Julia London that takes your breath away. Once you start reading this book, you start to see its not a simple romance of a couple that has been separated for three years, it goes way deeper than that. They both have been married for about ten years, but three years previous they lost their son, and drifted apart. You see how much they still love each other, even after all this time, but there is a emotional block that is preventing them from finding their HEA. The plot thickens a bit with various scenes and there is a mystery aspect added to the story that give this story even more depth.

I really enjoyed seeing these two slowly fall in love again, and rekindle their desire for each other. It is very heart wrenching at times, and I will warn you, that a box of tissues might be needed from time to time, however there are some uplifting scenes that make you feel giddy inside. A stunning romance that sucks you into the story and with the detail, the tender romantic scenes, and characters too endearing, you will find yourself enraptured from the first page to the last!!