An Offer From a Gentleman

An Offer From a Gentleman - Julia Quinn Sophie Beckett, recently lost her birth father, and even though he never acknowledged her as his daughter, he still made sure she was cared for until he passed away, and she was left with his wife and step daughters, and was treated more like a servant/slave than how she should have been treated. One night she has a opportunity to go to a ball, where she dresses up like a princess and feeling more beautiful and desirable than she ever has before. On this night she meets Benedict, one of the infamous Bridgertons, and shares a passionate kiss, one that will remain burned in her memory forever. Sophie knows that she can never be a part of Benedict's life, but then through a chain of events, she is thrown in his path once more, and knows that she will love him even though she knows they can never have a future together...
An Offer From A Gentleman, is the third in the Bridgerton series. I have just loved reading this series, and this was the first time I was able to read this book ( I know...crazy huh)But I was in the mood for a cinderella type of story, and this one fit the book....I was totally satisfied with this one. I loved every page, every paragraph and sentence. Julia Quinn is one of my favorite historical romance authors....there is a unique way about her writing that is much different from any other....where her stories just draw in her readers and its like you have this compulsion to not let go of the book until you have finished reading it. It had a truly magical side to it, an Enchanting Love Story that will Captivate you!!!!