The Viscount Who Loved Me

The Viscount Who Loved Me - Julia Quinn Anthony Bridgerton, a renown rake and rogue, has decided that now is the time to finally get married and settle down, so he sets his sights on the "Gem" of Society, Edwina Sheffield. However Anthony must convince her formidable yet beautiful sister, Kate Sheffield. From the first moment he meets her he senses a animosity that she feels for him. So although tempers between Kate and Anthony are hot, there is a heated desire that they both feel for each other. Anthony is stunned at being attracted to Kate, when its her sister he want to marry. Kate is determined to protect her sister, and has heard plenty of Anthony's escapades, especially with women, as a rake but when they share a passionate embrace, her resolve weakens and her hearts opens to this rogue.
The Viscount Who Loved Me is the second installment in the Bridgerton series written by Julia Quinn. I have just loved this series and could read these books over and over, I just fall in love with the stories and characters all over again every time I read her books, and I just fell in love with Kate and Anthony. Anthony has always held a certain place in my heart, he is the type of hero that even on the outside seems like a rogue, on the inside he has suffered his own kind of pain and grief, and fears the future, but is a charming devil. I love the characters in this story, very likable. The story was filled with witty interaction, romance, and a few surprises along the way....a very Enjoyable story that will satisfy any romantic heart.