Highlander's Curse

Highlander's Curse - Melissa Mayhue Abigail Porter has a deep love and fascination with Archaeology and even though she hasn't married or had a family yet she feels like she has her whole life ahead of her and is about to embark on a dig in Scotland which has always been a dream of hers...until one day she makes a wish and the next morning a man ends up in her bed and they share a passionate kiss which is only the beginning for Abigail and Colin. Colin is shocked to find himself 700 in the future and knows that the Fae are to blame. He is determined to return back to his time, and when there is a danger to Abigail they go back in time to his time period where it is more dangerous than ever...and only when they work together and their magic will they be able to save them both.
Highlanders Curse is the last in the series, and I thought that I might be a little lost at times, but for the most part it wasn't as bad as I thought it would. It was a enjoyable story, even though it didn't feel like much of a romance story the first half of it, but the second half was way better and well worth waiting for. I really am starting to just love this series, especially since I have a weakness for time travel, but I also enjoyed the excitement and danger aspect of the story as well. Even though Highlanders Curse was a delightful read, it was far from my favorite book since it didn't run as smoothly as I expected, especially since I just loved the first book in the series, but I hope the others books are alot better...

My Favorite Quote
"We are fated to be together. Together from the beginning of time until the end of time," he whispered before losing himself in her kiss. The sensation of his kiss felt like the world dropped out from under them, and they fell, endlessly locked in each other's arms. Abby could imagine no better way to go forth into forever.