The Princess and the Peer

The Princess and the Peer - Tracy Anne Warren Emma knows that soon it will be time for her to marry the man her brother has planned for her. She has been craving freedom and a bit of fun before she is truly shackled to a man she hasn't ever met. So she comes up with a way to run from her companion, and heads to London. Where she bumps into Nick Gregory. He shows her the true enjoyment of life, and she finds herself charmed and fascinated and only wants more of him. Then when she least expects it, she knows that she is falling in love and that is dangerous. Emma knows she has a destiny that differs from what her heart truly desires. So she leaves him, but when she is returned to her brother she comes face to face with Nick once more. Now she knows she will have to make the most difficult choice...the duty to her country and her brother...or of one to true love.
The Princess and The Peer is the first in the most recent series by Tracy Anne Warren. I have just fallen in love with every one of her books that I have been able to read. She has a unique way of making a story come so vividly alive. I really enjoyed the entertaining characters that just made you want to join in, through the laughter and the tears, there is such a endearing quality to the plot that it keeps the reader engaged until the very end. I really loved seeing how Nick and Emma start to fall in love. Nick from the start is strongly attracted to Emma, but at first treats her as a friend, and after some fun scenes, we see the first romantic spark which turns into a whirlwind of a romance that will take your breath away. A wonderfully portrayed story that will seduce you!!

My Favorite Quote
He claimed her. There was no other word for it. His lips moved against hers with a heady power that left her reeling, turning her weak and instantly dizzy. Heat burst in wild ripples over her skin, alternating with a shivering chill that made her whole body quake.