How the Marquess Was Won

How the Marquess Was Won - Julie Anne Long Julian, at the age of seventeen had the responsibility of his title and rebuilding his fortunes that were lost. Now he is very picky about everything he has, he must have the finest of everything, now he is engaged to Lisbeth Redmond, who is beautiful and graceful and comes from a family from money. Then he meets Phoebe Vale, who is like a breath of fresh air. Phoebe is a school teacher for young girls, and for the most part thrives on her work. Then she is asked by Lisbeth to be her companion. At first Phoebe has her reservations, but she reluctantly agrees. She is surprised to find out that Julian is Libeth's fiancee. Phoebe knows that there is a instant attraction between them, but it is dangerous to give into the fierce desire that is about to burst between them. Julian knows that he has a obligation to see his engagement through, but he has never felt this way about a woman. Even though he wants the finest especially in his future wife, Phoebe is melting the shields around his heart, and more than anything he aches to hold her and keep her forever.
It has been a while since I have read from this author, but I have been wanting to read more from her, so I decided why not pick this one up. I do love a good romance that has some major conflict like forbidden love and passion. Whenever I read these type of stories, its almost like a mystery for me, I have to read it so I know how they end up together. How the Marquess Was Won was a easy read to get into, not the type where you have to force yourself to read it. It definitely had some fun and silly moments that definitely had me laughing my butt off quite a bit. The different scenes that played out, were full of passion and adventure. The plot was not quite predictable, and there were a few surprises here and there that kept the story lively and quite entertaining. The verbal banter between Julian and Phoebe was stimulating and humorous. I found Julian to be the type of man that knows exactly what he wants when he wants, and no matter the cost ---gets it. He is very full of himself at times, confident and loves the best of the best. Phoebe is very smart and clever and I found her a very likeable heroine. Especially with the setting Historical Romance, its always a delight to see a heroine that is way smarter that the majority of the men around her. I admired the way she tolerated Lisbeth -who could be a real mean (bitch) sorry for my language---but she was cruel at times, and I loved how Phoebe tolerated it and didn't let it bother her and create more tension than there already was. Definitely there was a good mixture of great qualities that made this book a tantalizing read that pulls you along every adventure, sensual caress and the sweet and tender moments between the couple--another great installment to a great series that you can't help but fall in love with.