I Kissed an Earl

I Kissed an Earl - Julie Anne Long Violet Redmond, even though she loves her family, tends to feel smothered too much by them, so aching for adventures, she secretly boards a ship in search of her missing brother who is rumored to be a pirate and one who has been sinking ships and taking cargo. Unwilling to believe that her brother would harm innocent people, so goes in search for him, however the Captain of the ship that she is on is hunting this notorious pirate for vengeance since once of his friends was killed by him. The Earl of Ardmay, is furious that this woman could be so courageous and formidable at times, and feisty as hell. So they engage in betting against one another, and before either of them realize it, desire flares up quite like a fire to kindling, and must learn to trust in each other before they lose each other….I Kissed An Earl is the fourth installment in the Pennyroyal Greens series by Julie Anne Long. I have recently this past year discovered this author, and I have just loved each of her books that she has written (even though its only been a few so far) I just read this so fast that my head spin, I was so caught up in the story and the entertaining characters that had me laughing through most of it. There was such a witty side to the story, even though the plot there wasn’t much except toward the end, it was their interaction with each other that made it far from dull, and a fun and warm love story!!! Although far from my favorite read, it did make me smile, laugh, and feel contentment at the end!!!