Scandal in Scotland

Scandal in Scotland - Karen Hawkins Marcail, a famous actress, is being blackmailed to retrieve an ancient onyx box from William Hurst. A man she once loved but had to abandon thinking there was no future for them. But when she tricks him and gets the box and finds out the real reason why William needs it she goes with him to help find the box. When Williams gets tricked by the one woman who broke his heart, he is more than furious so he is determined to go and find that woman and get his box back, only things never goes as he plans, and he ends up having to take her with him in search of the box, but the passion that once was bright has returned and they both having to work together start to reawaken the love they once had...
Scandal In Scotland is the second installment in the series and even though there were many moments that I immersed myself in, it was probably my least favorite so far. There were many elements to the book that I really enjoyed. I loved the interaction between the two main characters, the plot was full of excitement and ups and down that can make your head spin. The one thing I would wish was different was the flow, it was uneven and I just felt like it could have been a bit smoother and then it would have been perfect. Overall it was a delicious treat to be savored!!!