Her Officer and Gentleman

Her Officer and Gentleman - Karen Hawkins Lady Elizabeth, at twenty five years of age, has yet to find herself a husband. Beth is content to live in the country with her grandfather, and among her roses and beloved books. Then her grandfather insists that she has a season in London, so she can find a husband. Beth doesn't want a husband, knowing that the only reason that she has any suitors is because of her large dowry that her grandfather has bestowed upon her, but then she meets Christian Llevanth, the Viscount Westerville, where rumors fly about him. Christian intrigues her, and Beth finds herself looking forward to their meets, and despite the fact that she isn't looking for a husband, she longs for his kisses, that throw all of her logic and reason out of the window. But there is so much more to Christian than meets the eye, especially when she figures out that he is looking into her grandfather, and knows that she must find out what he wants to know so badly about her grandfather, but will it destroy what they feel for one another?Her Officer And Gentleman is the sequel to Her Master and Commander, and I have yet to read the first one, but it turns out that I didn't need to, although after reading this one, that's next on my list for Karen Hawkins, that for sure. Her Officer and Gentleman, takes place in England, the Regency period. This is part of a duo series called "Just Ask Reeves" Reeves is their butler, and serves both brothers, which is what these two books are about. I have to be honest I did enjoy reading this book, but it took a little while to get into, and I didn't really get into it, until almost halfway through the book. I have always loved reading from Karen Hawkins, however this is probably one of my least favorite of hers, even though it was a great historical romance, and had some good attributes about it, but it just didn't click all the way for me. But what I did love about this story is the mystery and romance throughout the story. I will say that I did cry toward the end though, definitely had a emotional tie to the story, that really moved me, I just love the tender romantic endings.