How to Capture a Countess

How to Capture a Countess - Karen Hawkins When Rose was seventeen, she was very innocent and impulsive, and kissed Lord Sinclair, but overwhelmed by the sensations, ended up pushing him into a fountain and fleeing the scene and hiding from everyone inculding him, and leaving him to face the consequences, and Lord Sinclair has been wanting revengefor six years, and has found her again and is determined to get back at her, only he never thought he would fall in love with her. Rose, regretting her foolish act six years ago, has lived in the countryside taking care of her father and sisters, but when she is invited to a house party by her godmother (also Lord Sinclair's Aunt), she knows she has no choice but to except, especially for her sister's sake. However when she bumps into Lord Sinclair, she is shocked to see him again, but she starts to feel alive whenever he is near, and even though they are in one wager after another, she starts to fall in love with him again, but doesn't know if she can truly trust in their love and in Lord Sinclair...... How To Capture A Countess is the first of a new series "The Duchess Diaries" by Karen Hawkins. Karen Hawkins has been one of my favorite authors, and I just loved the energy of this new book, it definitely had Hawkins spark and flair, and the story had the same feeling of fun and humor that I have always seen in the past. Lord Sinclair, just cracked me up especially in the beginning, especially his attitude toward life, and women, and I loved the playful interaction between Lord Sin and Rose. I also loved the spirit of Rose Balfour, at first she seems timid and reserved, but as the book progresses she comes out of her shell into a playful and full of life heroine, that you just want to cheer her on......a beautifully written romance filled with passion, zest and humor that will definitely enthrall you for more!!! A Must Read!!!