A Highland Duchess

A Highland Duchess - Karen Ranney Emma, Duchess and a recent widow, is still in her mourning period, but about to come out of it. Then he uncle informs her that she is to be married again, willingly or not, she has no choice in the matter. Then that night, a stranger comes into her bedroom and kidnaps her for he is in search of a mirror, a gift from her late husband, that she had practically forgotten about. Now Emma is his captive, and send her uncle a ransom: the mirror, for his niece. However it is apparent that her uncle could care less if she ends up not returning to him dead or alive, ever since her husbands death, has gambled away her fortune and if she were dead he would have full access to it. Emma even though captured, has felt more at home with Ian that she has ever been with anyone else, and she opens her heart to him, even knowing that there is no future for them, for she is to marry another, as is he.....but sometimes the matters of the heart have a way of disrupting best laid plans....
A Highland Duchess is the most recent book from Karen Ranney. As far as romances go, this was a average read for me. I could get into the story, but it wasn't like I couldn't put it down, I actually ended up pausing multiple times through the story. It wasn't a enlightening read or enchanting, but there was a drama about the story that held a certain appeal for me. I have usually enjoyed reading books from this author, so I was surprised when I had such a challenging time getting through this one. I found that there wasn't much consistency of engaging the reader much. The story had some flow, but it could be erratic at times. I did enjoy the characters and the emotional side of the story. There were parts of the story that drew me, but there were other parts, where I had to force myself to read through it. Overall it was a enjoyable read, but not one I would want to buy or re read....