For the First Time

For the First Time - Kathryn Smith Devlin Ryland has recently returned from war and he is claimed to be a war hero from his action at Waterloo. However Devlin is tormented by what he had to do being a military man, and having spent ten years in the Military. He then heads to the countryside estate of his friend, Miles and Carney. Where he comes to face to face with Mile's younger sister, Lady Blythe Christian. Devlin is immediately drawn to the beautiful Blythe, who sets his paces racing. Lady Blythe however doesn't feel the same. Devlin saved her ex fiancee and which then led to Blythe being jilted, heartbroken, and scandalized. Blythe doesn't want to feel anything for this handsome war hero Devlin, however her heart and body has different ideas than her logic dictates. At the same time, Blythe is also faced with her ex fiancee whom she at one time had loved and she had thought he loved her. But he fell in love with his wife, and so Blythe against her better judgment becoming friends with his wife Tessa. Will wonders ever cease? Well will these two destined lovers find a happiness that they both deserve?

I truly loved this one, this is the second one in the Ryland Brother series that I have read. I really was endeared by Devlin and Blythe's story. Devlin is a very tormented man that needs more than anything a woman that loves him. He has nightmares and his closest companion that keeps him safe is his rifle. This experience he starts having with Blythe is utterly new to him, he finds himself falling for her without even fully realizing it. Blythe has been hurt in the past, and endeavors to guard her heart to make sure that doesn't happen again. Blythe finds her hearts barriers down with each moment that she spends with Devlins. As their relationship grows so does their sensual desire for one another. It becomes a whirlwind of desire, love and learning to trust one's heart. I have to say I have very few complaints with this one, It was a romantic read, that had my head spinning, the characters were well portrayed as well as the surroundings of the book. It really drew me in, and I couldn't wait to see what would happen between Blythe and Devlin and it was a great adventure to see their relationship progress into something real.