Vampire Mine

Vampire Mine - Kerrelyn Sparks Connor Buchanan has lived for almost 500 years, and believes that his friends are all fools to have fallen in love like they have, because Connor has only known pain when it comes to loving someone. Then desperate to kill their enemy, he comes across someone that would change his life and his heart, Marielle. Marielle is a angel that has been cast down from heaven, after disobeying trying to only doing the right thing, now without her wings or all that is known to her, she feels lost and confused, but one man has protected her...Connor. Marielle knows inside his heart and the pain he feels and trying to help heal him, so ends up feeling yearning for him and love...and wonders what she would sacrifice to keep him in her life...even if that means giving up returning home.

Vampire Mine is the tenth installment in the Love At Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks. Vampire Mine was a pure delight, and had me thirsting for more after each page. Ever since I started reading this series, I have looked forward to when Connor would make his downfall to love, and Kerrelyn Sparks didn't disappoint....I just fell in love with Marielle, she had such a innocence about her, very curious about everything (which was hilarious at times) that you couldn't help but like her. Connor is very rough around the edges, but in this story we see a different side of him, a side that Marielle brings out in him. Vampire Mine was such a endearing read, and one of my favorite romances to read. The story was filled with adventure, witty interaction, passion and a tender love story that will leave you breathless. Definitely a jewel you don't want to miss out on. I Loved it!!

My Favorite Quote
"What did ye talk about with the ladies?"
"Lots of things," she replied " The Three step rule, oral sex-"
"Holy Christ Almighty" He pressed a hand to his brow. "They were supposed to teach you how to shampoo yer hair, no' give you instructions on oral sex!"