Sexiest Vampire Alive

Sexiest Vampire Alive - Kerrelyn Sparks Gregori, VP of Marketing, and the most modern of all the vampires and most trusted, is the one chosen to go the President of the United States and convince him how harmless his people are and that they need them, but in return he wants Gregori to go on a very special mission with his daughter that could save his wife's life. Abby, is the only daughter of the president that has managed to remain unseen and hidden, a chemist and a scientist, she has been looking for a way to save her dying mother...and she thinks that there is a certain plant in China that could save her mothers life...but she would need a way to get in and out undetected. When all is revealed to her about Gregori, and they embark, they share a unrelenting passion for each other, and find a abiding love that will get them through thick and thin...and even the greatest danger that poses to her wont even compare with the dangerous desire she feels for Gregori "sexiest vampire alive"The Sexiest Vampire Alive is the most current release in the Love At Stake series by one of my favorite paranormal authors. Ever since I have fallen in love with the first book I read from this author, I have just lusted after each of her novels...and this one is no different. It would probably be considered one of my favorites of the series so far....I just loved reading Gregori's story, after seeing what a charismatic devil he can be in the other books in the see a deeper side to him, one that you just will fall for. The plot was exciting and thrilling and full of twists and curves that will delight you...but at the same moment surprise you when you least expect it to. The characters were a pleasure to delve into....very likeable and if you like Kerrelyn Sparks and haven't read this one yet...get to the store, buy it, and read it ASAP!!! For you will fall in love again!!