Wanted: Undead or Alive

Wanted: Undead or Alive - Kerrelyn Sparks Phineas, ever since he was turned against his will by the Malcontents has devoted himself to protecting the innocent and destroying those that desire to destroy everything they have built. After a failed run of trying to capture the queen of the malcontents, he finds out that she is located in Wyoming, where the nest of werewolves are, and he needs a guide or risk detection by the werewolves. So his guide happens to be the one woman he has had a crush on ever sine he met her, Brinley Jones, who escaped her father and ended up teaching young boys that were kicked out by the head pack leader her father. Now when Brinley and Phineas are thrown together, there is a chemistry that sparks up between them that leads to fireworks, but there is one can a werewolf and a vampire make it work? Phineas loves Brinley and will do whatever it takes to keep her in his arms...even if that means confronting her father, which may start a war.Wanted Undead or Alive is the most recent book by Kerrelyn Sparks. Sparks is probably one of my favorite authors to read when it comes to vampire romances. And I have to say ever since Phineas came onto the scene, I have been looking forward to his story, so I was way excited to get a chance to read and boy did I just love it. I must have read in a few hours, I was so into the story I couldn't get away, it just drew me like a bee to honey. One of the aspects that I really love was the conflict that is in the plot here, this story is a bit of a forbidden love type. Because of Brin's connection to the werewolves it is dangerous for her to pursue any sort of relationship with anyone her father would dissaprrove of because more than likely something dire would happen to him. But no matter how much Brinley tries to protect herself, she finds herself falling in love with him anyway. The only problem I had was the cover, its not very observant according to characteristics in the book. Since the hero is black not caucasian, but its still a hot cover! Overall Wanted Undead or Alive is probably one of my favorite books of the series so far. Definitely full of everything that makes for an Amazing read! Full of romance and passion, strong story plot, witty characters and enough excitement and danger to satisfy any's reader taste. A Winner!!!!