The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo

The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo - Kerrelyn Sparks Originally Posted on my website:

For any of you, who have yet to read from Kerrelyn Sparks, you are missing out on some genuine talent. Her focus is the paranormal, but she has written a few historical's as well. Ever since I discovered her a couple years ago, I have been entranced by her stories. As far as vampire romances go, Sparks is one of my favorites to read from. The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, is the fourteenth installment, and what a ride it was to read.

In desperate need to bring a change in the battle between the good vampires and the "Malcontents", they search for a scientist who specializes in genetics, and find just the right one, only they have to convince her to accept vampires for real and to help them. Dougal is shocked when first seeing Leah. She reminds him of a long lost love he has never forgotten. Having recently lost his hand in a battle against the malcontents, it has taken some time to adjust to a mechanical hand. Now all he wants is Leah in his arms and in his life. Leah can barely believe that vampires really do exist. They seem more of myths and legends than reality. But she can't resist their plea for help or the intensity in Dougal's eyes or his Scottish brogue that leaps fire in her veins. In the beginning all she wants is distance between herself and the handsome Scot, however he is more tenacious than a dog with a bone, and she can't resist the temptation of sensation that is promised in his arms. All Dougal wants to do is protect Leah from harm, but when the tension with "Master Han" builds and they are forced to take extreme measures, he doesn't know if their power united will be enough to stop the evil that could destroy them all.

I found that The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, was a sensational read. I would bump this to my top favorites of the series. Sparks hasn't lost her touch in any way, if anything, I felt like it has only gotten better. There was such creativity in this story, very original in the sense that it was a bit different and involved certain aspects that makes for a intense ride. I will warn you to have a box of tissues with you while reading this, since I couldn't stop tearing up, especially toward the second half of the story. Very well written in the way of the emotional reactions it brings out in the reader. A Wild ride of adventure, sensuality and a paranormal flair that only adds a certain sense of intensity to the story, but still has the witty aspect to the story that will bring giggles and laughs. A TREASURE!!