If You Dare

If You Dare - Kresley Cole Court, has been waging against a evil tyrant, General Pascal. Then he is almost killed and escapes and is found by Annalia, who nurses him back to health. When Annalia hears that Pascal has her brother in captivity and in return for his life she is required to marry him. However before she agrees to it...Court takes her away once finding out her connection to Pascal, hoping to exact justice against Pascal. However what Court never expected was to start falling for beautiful Annalia, whose fiery spirit only increases his attraction to her...and before he knows it, he finds himself in love with her and willing to do whatever to make her happy.
If You Dare, is the first in the MacCarrick Brothers Series....and as much as I enjoyed If You Deceive, I had such a difficult time reading this one. I finished it for sure...but it did take a little while...and there was inconsistency throughout the whole story...I think if it had run more smoothly I may have enjoyed it more...however despite that the characters were at times likable but I had a hard time with Court and seemed like the whole story apart from the end was all about how they fight with each other, and I couldn't see how they could even fall in love with each other....but I did enjoy the ending most of all...however It was far from my favorite from this author...