With Seduction in Mind

With Seduction in Mind - Laura Lee Guhrke Daisy Merrick, is outspoken and independent, and with every job her sister manages to find for her, she manages to get fired for being too opinionated, which is her downfall. However she loves writing, and goes to Marlowe Publishing for a job. When she gives a review on a play written by a man she once loved reading his work, she provokes him. Sebastian Grant, an infamous writer in England at one time, now hates to write, for it brings to him feelings of fear and helplessness due to his past. Sebastian is determined never to write again, but when the unrelenting Daisy comes to him with a resolution to solve both of their problems, he never expected that she would seduce him into writing again, when he at one time hated doing it. Sebastian has never believed in 'happily ever after' ending, but after being moved by Daisy's beauty and spirit, he dreams of a happy ending for himself.
With Seduction In Mind is the fourth in the Girl-Bachelor series written by Laura Lee Guhrke. Now this series is about young women who are independent, outspoken and both the hero and heroine have yet to find love. I have truly been entertained by this series, and With Seduction In Mind definitely hit the bar. I love the whole interaction between the characters, both witty and sensual. At the beginning it started out slow, and things in the story didn't really pick up for me until halfway through the book, but once I got to that point I just had to flip through the pages to see what would happen between Daisy and Sebastian. One of the things that I just loved about this book was how engaging the story and the characters were to this reader, and I felt emotionally involved like I was drawn into the story, and seemed very riveting, and I wont lie, but brought a tear to the eye, especially at the end. One of the things I didn't like however was I wished it didn't drag a bit at the beginning, But definitely a satisfying read!!

My Favorite Quote
And I want you to marry me, and come back to Avermore with me, and write your books right across from where I write mine, so that whenever I am working, I can see your sweet, freckled face.