Slade - Laurann Dohner When Trisha first meets Slade, she is his doctor after the new species are first rescued and released, and he promised sensual bliss, but when she see's him again he doesn't even remember her. Trisha is more than curious, naturally about new species, and now that she is their Doctor, she never thought that when dealing with Slade he wouldn't remember his erotic promises to her or that hot searing kiss, but she is determined to make him live up to his promises to her. When Slade and Trisha are thrown together for survival in the wilderness, with men hunting them down, they know they must do whatever they can to survive, and sparks fly and before either of them realizes it they don't want to let each other go when they reach safety but is there a future in store for them?Slade, the second installment in the New Species series, was actually pretty good, not as good as the first, however I did enjoy it to an extent, there were a couple of aspects that I didn't like, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing throughout the story, however I really liked the romance that develops and I really soaked up all the action and suspense, which was a lot more than I ever expected. Overall it was a average good romance, scorching bed scenes, but there was also a sense of a solid love story. Even though the blurb says it can be a stand alone series, I would disagree, you lose understanding the back story which I think is vital from what I have read so far. Overall a good read, but it did drag a bit in the middle however it picked up later where I felt I could get more into the story. Other than that I would say it would be a good romance. I probably won't re read this but I am glad that I did read it.....A average good romance that you can be content with on a certain level.