Tyler - Linda Lael Miller This is the third and last in the Montana Creeds Series. and probably my least favorite, but still a enjoyable read. Tyler is the youngest of the three brothers, and the most wild as well. The story starts out with Tyler trading his Cadillac for a truck; with a older couple. The man that owns that truck is baffled, but accepts the trade; who wouldn't?. Tyler is driving down the road heading back to Stillwater Springs and his pickup breaks down. He decides to call and find a tow truck, if he can.
Lily Kenyon comes home from Chicago to take care of her father after he has a heart attack. Lily is a widow, with a young daughter Tess. As they are driving home from the hospital, they see a young man on the road, Tyler Creed. Lily has always been in love with Tyler, but when they were younger he had a affair with a much older woman, a waitress. Tyler broke Lily's heart, and at the sight of seeing him again, she has to wonder if he will break it again. As their feelings develop, and their relationship grow, and unseeing danger will sneak up upon them.

I enjoyed this book, although it is my least favorite of the series. I felt that the relationship between Lily and Tyler wasn't as connected as I thought it should be. It also seemed to me that Lily just seemed to forget the past whenever she was anywhere near Tyler. I find that hard to believe, from how much he hurt her. This book just didn't seem to cover their past issues which are a very vital part of their relationship. Pretty much they just have a lot of steaming wild passionate sex (although I have to say some of my favorite scenes) and then they decide to get married. I thought it seemed a little too rushed for me. More so that the other books in the series. It did have some great mysterious intrigue, that fascinates and makes the reader want to hold their breath on what is going to happen next. So for the most part I enjoyed reading this one, although there were some flaws that really affected my opinion of the book.