Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypas I finally was able to get a hold of this book, which is a part of the most recent series by one of my all time favorite authors. When I first picked this up I had my doubts over whether or not I would like it, considering how short it is and all....however I was delightfully surprised by how enjoyable this story actually was. I really enjoyed how this author put the story together. I also loved the romance that grows between Mark and Maggie. Both characters were very endearing and you just want them to get together throughout it all. I especially fell in love with the little girl, Holly. I found her to be a bundle of joy, and very loveable. Even though it was a short story, it was deeply satisfying. Overall a beautifully woven love story that teaches about the real spirit of Christmas and most of all....True Love!!! I am definitely going to have to read the next one in the series as soon as I can !!! A TREASURE WORTH READING!!!