A Wallflower Christmas

A Wallflower Christmas - Lisa Kleypas This tender love story begins with a gathering at Stone Cross Park, including all four wallflowers, their husbands and families. Rafe Bowman, is coming from America to meet his future bride, that much to his dismay, his father has picked out for him, and the Wallflowers, including his sisters, go about in assisting him in this endeavor, not before having ever courted a Englishwoman before, and a member of the Ton as well. When he arrives he firsts meets her companion, Hannah and finds that from their first meeting, he has a fervent desire for this woman and their interaction with each other stimulates his senses. Hannah, companion to the woman he is suppose to marry, is surprised when he focuses his attention toward her. She finds him arrogant, bold, cynical, but soon entrances her in a whirlwind of his kiss. At first she think its just infatuation that is between them, but as Christmas time draws closer, she begins to realize that her feelings for him reach far beyond infatuation and toward genuine and passionate love... A Wallflower Christmas is the fifth and last installment in the Wallflower series that was written by astounding author Lisa Kleypas. When I first started this book, I didn't know what to expect out of this story, I thought it might be enjoyable, but after reading the whole story within a couple of hours, its a classic love story, with the enchanting Christmas scene that even makes it even more magical. The character interaction between Rafe and Hannah was playful, witty and very amusing for this reader, there was also a intensity about their relationship, both on a physical and emotional level. This was such a well written story, that I found the story seemed all too riveting and entrancing. From the first page to the last page I couldn't stop reading, I was so drawn into this love story, that I think I forgot my surrounding. A Completely unforgettable love story that you better get a box of tissues, you will need it, it will bring many laughs and at other times many tears, that will tie up your heart strings to no end!!! A Chanting Love Story To Remember!!!

My Favorite Quote
"Then I will have to show you what happens to women who stand in my way." Before she could comprehend what was happening, one powerful arm had brought her against his hard masculine body. With his other hand, he grasped the nape of her neck, and tilted her head backward. And His mouth took hers.