Tanner's Scheme

Tanner's Scheme - Lora Leigh I am still completely amazed by how well Lora Leigh writes her stories, she is such a riveting author where her exciting stories just come to life; and and draws the reader into a whirlwind of passion, adventure and classick love stories that will pull at your heartstrings. the Characters: Tanner and Scheme are also deeply portrayed. Scheme has suffered greatly under the hands of her father and his minons. Scheme wants to do everything in her power to destroy him, but she knows she has to find evidence against him first, but when she is about to set her plan in motion, she is kidnapped by Tanner who at first believes her to be in league with her father. After all that he and his fellow breeds have suffered at the hands of her father, he wants revenge and justice. However upon learning the truth he goes about to protect her, no matter the cost. But Scheme doesn't know who she can really trust, but the more she spends in Tanner's arms, her will wavers and she starts to question whether or not she should let him into her life and her heart.

I truly enjoyed reading Tanner's Story, it was definitely more on the thrilling side of things. Of course I love the plot, where Scheme hides things from Tanner even though she years to trust him and not knowing if she does will it be a mistake or the biggest reward of all. Tanner on the other hands, knows she lives in fear and desperation but also can smell the lies that she tells him, there is a powerful attraction between them, but at first Tanner doesn't believe she is his mate, but time will only tell. I think this is one of those that can be a re-read. Of course if you love shifter romances, and if you love Lora Leigh than you will fall in love with Tanner's Scheme, which is a enthralling love story from beginning to end!