Wild Card

Wild Card - Lora Leigh When Nathan goes on a mission as a SEAL, and ends up scarred and presumed dead, he has to give up his life including his wife Bella, who grieves deeply for his death. Nathan is then put into black ops and his looks and his very identity is very different from the man he once was. When he is told that his wife Bella is in danger, he is told to go on a mission that may put not only himself but his very heart at risk of being so close to his wife whom has no idea who he is. After losing her husband, Bella still grieves for him deeply. For Bella, he was her very heart and soul, and even though its been years since his death, a part of her believes he still lives on. When a stranger comes into town, insisting on working at her body car shop, she is very reluctant, but as time goes on, there are certain aspects about Noah that draws her to him, aspects that remind her of her husband. But she knows its impossible right? Didn't he died years ago?But will she discover the truth in time before danger comes that she never expects?

As far as a good Lora Leigh book, this was definitely well written in her style. However, as I was reading this one, it did have suspense and a mysterious plot, that definitely kept me at the edge of my seat. However the romance in it was to me not the kind of romance I like to read. It seemed like more lust than romance, and yes there should be passion and sensuality in every good romance, but it seemed to be overflowing with it, that I couldn't sense much love between the two, just sex, it just had a more erotic side of things. It definitely is filled with heat that will blister you with captivation. I certainly did devour this one, and I could hardly put it down, but I just felt throughout the whole of it, that there was something missing in their relationship that wasn't portrayed well enough to satisfy this reader. For the most part it was a intense ride and I did enjoy reading it.