Styx's Storm

Styx's Storm - Lora Leigh Storme, has been on the run since she was fourteen years old, when her father and brother were viciously killed by breeds, she has been determined to make sure that what they are after now will never fall into their hands. But while she is on the run, she ends up being saved by Styx, who is wolf breed, but then she feels betrayed after a night of pleasure to be in the hands on Jonas and the other breeds who only want whats on a data chip, and are more determined than ever to get their hands on it. Styx knows where his loyalties lie, but after being with Storm, he knows that she is his mate, even though the bonding scent isn't fully there, but finds himself choosing between his loyalty to the Breeds or the one woman who makes him feel clean and whole....Styx's Storm is the 22nd installment in the Breeds Series by Lora Leigh. I have just loved reading this series, and I have looked forward to reading Styx's storm since it first came out and I am so glad to have finally gotten my hands on it... Styx's Storm is a exhilarting ride of adventure, passion, and love. I found both the characters enlightening...both stubborn as ox, but both feel a connection to each other, and are unable to resist the sensual heat they feel, and they become swept up in the desire and soon they start to fall in love with each other, and such a beautifully written tale of how love can conquer fear, and a painful past. A heartwrenching story that will leave you breathless!!! A Unforgettable Read!!!!

My Favorite Quote
A new beginning. Storme stared back at her lover. Her mate. The man who had wiped away the fear, the misunderstandings. The man that loved her. His hand lifted, the backs of his fingers smoothing her cheek. "My perfect storm," he whispered. And he was her Styx. Her Heart.