Renegade - Lora Leigh Mikayla Martin, is a bridal shop owner and works with her closest friend. When she is witness to a murder, her life just starts to spiral downward, with no end in sight. No one but her family believes what she saw, and Mikayla knows that it is up to her to make sure justice is served. Nikolai Steele, a agent for the Elite Ops has returned because he owes a favor, and his job is to get his friend proven innocent of being accused of murdering someone, and so he goes to the accuser planning on finding out what her motive is in lying, but the moment he sees her and hears her voice he knows that things will just start to get worse for him. Nikolai has a heart of steel and ice, until he starts to work with her, and each day he is full of emotions where he thought he had buried them deep, and Mikayla reaches places so deeply hidden in himself, that he can't stop himself from falling in love with her, despite his refusal to do so. But sometimes fate has a way of turning our world upside down with true love...Renegade is the fifth in the Elite Ops Series, and by far my favorite of the series yet. I just loved how it had the perfect mix of romance, danger and mystery. In some of the other books of the series, they were too much on the edge of erotica, and not of the romance-the relationship side of it. Renegade although it had some very steamy scenes, it also had the emotional side that I have seen in her breed series, and I am so glad that it finally shown through in this one. I loved both characters, and how much we could see their love grow throughout the story, it was purely magical and I just loved it!! I found Mikayla touchingly sweet and endearing, although an innocent, also has a passionate nature. Nikolai although has a tough exterior, has a softer side too that comes out once he meets Mikayla. I found Renegade intoxicating, and satisfying with every page!!! A TREASURE!!