Passions of a Wicked Earl

Passions of a Wicked Earl - Lorraine Heath Morgan Lyons, Earl of Westcliffe, after finding his bride in the arms of his brother, can't forgive her, and banishes her to the country estate, then he settles in England, a conossiur of woman alike. He has never been able to forgive or forget the one night, that should have been theirs. Claire Lyons, having been bethrothed to Morgan knowing that she would end up married to him, but never spent time with him before they got married, was afraid of him. So when his brother offered a way that would give her time before having to give her body to the Earl, she agreed being a little drunk, but not knowing what it would entailed. After the fact, she fully regrets it, and stays at the country estate, managing it as well as any man, but when her sister is of age, she goes to England to reconcile with her enstranged husband and to put her sister out into society. But seeing Morgan again, and after sharing a passionate kiss with him, she sets her out to seduce him and win him back to her side forever, to have his love and non other.

I truly loved reading Passions of a Wicked Earl, it was such a engaging and warm read, that had me aching for more but yet leaving me fully satisfied at the end. We see Morgan, who had planned at the beginning to keep true to his vows, but after seeing his brother holding his wife, never mind that both had their clothes on, he feels betrayel stab to his heart, and vows to never forgive her or forget that horrible night, where he knows their marriage is a farce. However when she returns to London, he knows he can never trust her, however passions ignite between the two, and he starts wondering if he should have listened to her all those years ago, and should he trust in her again, or will he only be betrayed once more? Both Morgan and Claire find a love benetah all the mistrust and betrayal, where they learn to trust with full hearts. Passions of a Wicked Earl is one of my favorite romances written by this author so far, it had such a emotional twist to it that went to the heart of this reader, definitely looking forward to reading the sequel in this wonderful series.