Midnight Pleasures With a Scoundrel

Midnight Pleasures With a Scoundrel - Lorraine Heath After the death of her sister, Eleanor Watkins, comes up with a plan for revenge. When her sister goes into London for the season with hopes and dreams of finding a husband and a more secure future for her family, but comes back to them broken in body and spirit. After her death, Eleanor looks through her journal, and after finding the true reason of what truly happened to her in London, she is bent for revenge, against the one man that is truly evil in every respect. But as she follows him around London, she keeps running into a handsome stranger that makes her heart beat faster and her knees weak with his touch. Never knowing who he truly is. James Swindler, is sent on a mission, to follow Eleanor Watkins, after hearing that there is a threat to one of the "Lords " lives. Knowing that there must be a good reason that they send him on such a mission, he investigates, wanting to earn Eleanor's trust. What neither one of them expected was to fall for each other, and then when a certain event occurs, they will be both tested in ways they would never have imagined, but will their love be enough for the danger ahead?

I have always loved reading Lorraine Heath, and have been reading her since her cowboy series (which are great by the way) and I just love her regency romances, and this one was one of my favorites of hers. It was filled with so much mystery and intrigue, it kept me in suspense throughout the whole of the book, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to suit me!! My summary is pretty vague, but I didn't want to give anything away, which you should find out yourself, I am certain you will be just as pleased yet surprised at the turn of events that occur throughout this story. I can't say too many times, that romances like this I can usually guess what is going to happen, however, this was very different. I applaud Lorraine Heath with just a job WELL DONE!!! It was such a great romance, with the perfect mix of sensuality and excitement to suit you. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series, especially if they are as good as this one was for me!!!