Lord of Wicked Intentions

Lord of Wicked Intentions - Lorraine Heath When Evelyn's father dies from a illness that slowly killed him, she has little time to mourn. Her brother, immediately orders her to her room. Then he makes her go to a planned meeting, Evelyn thinking, it is to meet future suitors for marriage. Little does she know that her brother is trying to sell her to the highest bidder as a mistress, not a wife. She gains the attention of Rafe Easton. Rafe's only interest is to settle his debt with Geofrrey, where he see's the most gracious and elegant young woman, who stirs his blood like none other. When he see's the other men bidding on her, he knows he can't let anyone else have her but himself. So he takes her, only when her brother brings her to him, she has no inkling of an idea of why she is truly there. Evelyn, is shocked to the core, when she learns the truth she is devastated that her own brother would betray her this way. She knows that if she doesn't become Rafe's mistress, she will live a life on the streets with no home or food and any place to call her own. She knows that this is the only recourse available to her. First she doesn't expect for Rafe to give her time to get used to the idea, but she never thought he would be wooing her in a way. Rafe has a very tough exterior, but she knows that there is more to him than meets the eye. She finds herself falling in love with a man she knows would never love her in return...For he can only fight his demons.Lord of Wicked Intentions is the third installment in the series by Lorraine Heath. After reading the first two, I had been looking forward to reading Rafe's story. Rafe is very different I think from his brothers. He suffered in a way they never did, he barely managed to survive. He resists his brothers attempts to befriend him, and always rejects their offers for family gatherings. Rafe is a hardened man, who on the outside appears to care for nothing and for no one. He feels alone, always has since he was ten years old, when his brothers abandoned him. He didn't understand the why for it then, and now that he does, he can't seem to forgive himself for the horrible things he has had to do, so he is unable to forgive family. But when he meets Evelyn, his life changes. He see's his life in a whole different light. She brings laughter, hope and love into his life. I truly adored Rafe, I found his to be utterly irresistable, dangerous and sexy in a way that just appealed to me. He is the kind of hero you just ache for, but admire for his strengths. Evelyn, hasn't suffered like Rafe has, but she doesn't judge his past life. She see's something good in him, and in her own way fights for him. I love the inner strength and will she possess to not run from her circumstances that she has been dealt. She handles it very well, and I loved her courage at times. Overall a heart wrenching, that just had me in tears at various times through the book. There were so many moments that I had to stop and control my emotions. A Magical read that had me from the first page, a story that will pull at your heart strings and leave you aching for more. Another great work by a talented author that has never let me down!!! A exciting read filled with romance, love, and take you on a journey with these you will never forget.
Favorite quotes

"I have particular needs. The first is that you are to never wrap your arms around me."
"Why not?" She whispered
"Because it's what I require." He lowered his lips to hers, and she realized that if he hadn't menacled her wrists that her arms would have twined about him of their own accord, simply to ensure that she remained standing when her knees grew so weak.
His tongue toyed with her mouth, painting it, outlining it as though he wanted to be intimately familiar with it.

For a moment in his mind, all th eglobes he'd collected over the years spun. More than a hundred, spinning, spinning. He'd been searching for someplace better that where he was.
He'd finally found it, the best place of all--wrapped tightly in Eve's arms.