One Magic Moment

One Magic Moment - Lynn Kurland Tess Alexander, living in a restored medieval castle, with a degree and a work that she is passionate about, but then one day when she takes her car to the garage, she comes face to face with a man that looks exactly like her brother in law, the one that is married to her sister in the past. But as things start to escalate between them she starts to realize that he must be a brother of her brother in law, and wonders how he came to be here in the present day, and why is he here?John De Piaget has been living in the future for quite some time now, and although he misses his family, has come to like it here. But when he meets Tess he knows he is in trouble. For she is the one woman that could dig into his past, and thats the last thing that he needs now. At first Tess and John are bothered by each other, but as time passes by and they start spending more and more time together, chemistry starts to build between them and right when they believe things are going right for the both of them, there is a danger that threatens them both and their futures.Its been a while since I have read a book from this author and from this series, and now I just want to read all the books in the series again. I have read the earlier books, but none of the recent ones, and after reading One Magic Moment, I now want to read all the others. From the first page I was completely drawn into the story. I Loved Loved Loved these two characters, it was pretty humorous to watch these two fumble through this little romance and courting they have going on. In the beginning we see that they don't really care much for one another, but the more they are in each others companies, they start to form a powerful bond to each other, and I just had to sigh almost every chapter after that. I definitely loved the plot as well, in the beginning it seemed like it would be just a romance, but there definitely was a danger element that was added. One Magic Moment would have to be on the top of my life of time travel romances, right below Brenda Joyce's. Although this doesn't have much intimacy in the book, which is standard with this author. However I did love the romance level in this novel, not steamy by any means, but I fell in love with it all the same!!!