Born to Bite

Born to Bite - Lynsay Sands Eshe D'Aureus having known Lucius for centuries, who has watched over her as a promise from her father, has asked her, as a enforcer for the council, to look into the deaths of his brothers Armand's three wives, one a lifemate, and the other two immortals but were just married to him. So Eshe goes to investigate, only to find that Armand is unlike any other immortal, for one, she can't read him, which surprises her considering that she is older than Armand, and should be able to read him. So she is left for two weeks with Armand under the pretense of hiding from someone that wants her killed, even though its a lie, but apparently Armand can't read her either, and as she futher investigates, she starts to realize that her appetites for both food and sex has come alive again, which could only mean one thing, that Armand is her lifemate, a lifemate that is under investigation that if proven guilty will end up dead by the council. But as truths become unveiled, so does that passion between Eshe and Armand, and when she realizes that she is falling in love with Armand, she wonders if she can let him go if it becomes necessary, so she must do everything in her power to prove him innocent, so that she doesn't lose him after she has found him.
Born To Bite, was a romantic treasure to read. I was able to get a copy of the Audiobook, and since it was my first time ever listening to Sands audio books, I was curious, but found that I enjoyed the narrator and the storyline and especially the characters that were involved. I always wondered after Nicholas's story, about the story behind Armand and the deaths of his wife's and Annie. So it was a delight to be taken on a thrilling ride of mystery, adventure and love. These two characters Armand and Eshe, were very enriching to read from, and definitely a bit different than her other characters, especially Eshe. Eshe is the kind of female immortal, that rides a motorcycle, that wear leather, and fights just as well as any male enforcer, and definititely fights her own battles. Armand, has suffered many losses, losing so many that he has loved, and even has yet to see his own daughter, for her own protection, and tortures himself for hurting those that he loves but can't afford to see for their own safety. So both these are deep characters, and the whole plot will definitely be a thrilling ride for any reader, and the ending was purely precious, and brought a few tears to this readers eye (but in a good way of course, and those of you who have read Born To Bite, know what I mean) and its definitely one of my favorites of this author!!! Lynsay Sands definitely delivers with every book!!!!